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What is HDPE?

High Density Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer material that is extremely durable, resists impacts, cracking, and is U.V. stable. Popular in construction of cutting boards, wear plates, and high-abuse applications, thanks to advanced technology this material can now be used to create virtually indestructible boat hulls.

What are some advantages of an HDPE boat?


Because HDPE is a lighter density than water, the actual material itself will float. 


HDPE will not rust, decay, or corrode, offering an ideal, zero-maintenance workboat free of electrolysis.


Marine growth cannot stick to the slick, shiny hard surface of HDPE, eliminating the need of bottom paint. 


Sharp rocks? No problem. A Tideman hull can be beat with a sledgehammer with no effect. 



The TIDEMAN BOATS RBB 700 hull is an outstanding work platform. Featuring self bailing decks, aggressive full length step chines, high sides, swim steps, full perimiter fendering and push knees, this center console design is available with an open center console, or hardtop quarter-cab. 

Length:  279.5"  (23.3')   Beam: 92.5"      Hull Weight: 3500 lb.       

Motor:  115-200 H.P.  Payload: 1500 lb.  Lift Points: x4      

Cleats: x6     Motor Guard: Optional       Dive Door: Optional

Dive Bottle Rack: Optional      Push Knees: Optional 


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tideman HDPE
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dive boat


Q: Are there any other colors available?
A: HDPE is only available in black at this time.

Q: Does it get hot in direct sunlight?
A: HDPE is a poor thermal conductor, so does not get hot like metal in direct sunlight.

Q: Is it heavier than aluminum?

A: HDPE is lighter than aluminum, however requires greater thickness than aluminum to achieve rigidity. Thus, the overall vessel weight will be slightly more than an aluminum boat, but offers a quieter ride because of the thickness.

Q: Is the cost comparable to aluminum boats?

A: HDPE is more expensive than aluminum, so the total vessel cost is more, typically but around 20%.

Q: Is it time-proven to be suitable for boats?
A: With over 160 hulls built and operated in Europe and abroad, the Tideman hull is proven to outlast and in many cases outperform traditional workboat hulls. 

Q: Can the designs be customized?

A: Yes. Custom designs including landing craft, barges, and more can be built in collaboration with Tideman Boats. Please click here to visit the Tideman Boats website to learn more about other designs.

Q: Are these built by Silverback?

A: No. The HDPE Hulls are built by Tideman USA, using advanced equipment and specialized processes as established by Tideman Boats in the Netherlands. 
Once the hull is built, the vessel is outfitted at Silverback with electrical wiring, plumbing systems, hydraulic steering, and custom accessories such as rails, hardtops, and more.

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