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Fisherman's Terminal Electric Workboat Delivered

The Port of Seattle has taken delivery of their first 100% electric workboat- a Silverback SUPERCUB featuring a PURE WATERCRAFT 100% Electric, 40HP equivalent motor package.

Electric Workboat
Port of Seattle Commissioner & Staff

Outstanding Range & Run Time

The SUPERCUB paired with the PURE WATERCRAFT single battery system offers astonishing run time, speed, and power. These numbers can be further increased with a 2nd battery! Stats below:

Top speed: 24mph

Planeing speed: 11mph

Range and runtime

• At 3mph: 82 miles, 27.5 hours.

• At 6mph: 22 miles, ~3.7 hours

• At 8mph: 10.5 miles, 1.3 hours

• At 11mph (boat begins planing): 11 miles, ~1 hour

• At 24mph (top speed): ~20 miles, ~50 minutes

Fishermans Terminal Electric Workboat

Contact Silverback Marine today to learn about financing and grant opportunities to electrify your fleet!


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